How to safely use ultraviolet rays for sterilization under the new crown virus epidemic?

Ultraviolet rays are the natural enemies of most microorganisms and can be easily killed. During the SARS period, experts discovered that the use of ultraviolet rays with an intensity greater than 90μW/cm2 for 30 minutes can kill the SARS virus.

Studies have found that there is a correlation between the new coronavirus and the SARS virus, and the scientific and reasonable use of ultraviolet rays can effectively kill the new coronavirus.

So, how can ordinary people use ultraviolet rays in the fight against pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection is the safest and most effective.

How does ultraviolet light kill the new coronavirus?

The Chinese have a special affection for the sun, believing that “more exposure to the sun can sterilize and disinfect”. Sunlight itself contains ultraviolet rays. People use ultraviolet rays to remove mites, disinfect and sterilize when drying quilts and drying clothes.

Ultraviolet rays are actually radiation with a wavelength between 100-400 nanometers in the electromagnetic spectrum. Like infrared rays, they cannot be seen by the human eye. Ultraviolet rays can destroy the structure of DNA and RNA in microorganisms, and cause the genetic material in microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria to break, cross-link, or form photochemical products.

At the same time, ultraviolet rays can also act on oxygen atoms in cells to form lethal active oxygen free radicals, which can cause microbial cells to fail to proliferate or directly die. For example, if people stand under the summer sun for some time, their skin will be sunburned, because human skin is also composed of cells, and both cells and bacteria belong to living organisms.

The culprit of this epidemic-the genetic material of the new coronavirus is RNA. Ultraviolet rays can act on the genetic material of the virus, causing the RNA of the virus to break, making it unable to synthesize the required protein normally, thereby killing the virus.

However, the new type of coronavirus cannot be killed only by the sun, and the sun cannot reach the temperature to kill the germs, so everyone should still wear masks and goggles when going out.

What should I pay attention to when using ultraviolet rays to sterilize?

Compared with chemical disinfection products such as alcohol and disinfectant, ultraviolet light, as a relatively safe, economical, and high-sterilization rate physical method, is increasingly being used in people’s daily lives. Because of its convenient operation and a wide range of applications, products with ultraviolet sterilization functions have become popular on all major e-commerce platforms.

However, there are many issues that need to be paid attention to when using products with UV function. First of all, UVB in ultraviolet light is the main component that causes skin sunburn. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet light can cause skin pigmentation, thickening and rough skin, photoaging, and even serious cancer.

Secondly, the eyes are the most sensitive part of ultraviolet rays. Long-term exposure will cause phosphorous ions to combine with calcium ions in the aging lens, which will cause our eyes to appear calcified or hardened. At this time, the vision of the eyes will become cloudy. Cataracts appeared.

How to use the UV function of home appliances to sterilize?

In addition to causing damage to the skin and eyes, ultraviolet rays can also produce ozone when used improperly, which can easily cause problems such as coughing, breathing difficulties, and decreased lung function. Therefore, it is best to use ultraviolet rays for sterilization and disinfection in a closed space.

There are many home appliances with ultraviolet sterilization functions on the market, such as dryers, dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, etc., have become the current best-selling product categories.

Many families think that clothes are “clean” after washing, but some bacteria may still be hidden deep in the fabric fibers. In addition, many companies have resumed work. People will inevitably have to go out and come in contact with others, and there are a lot of naked eyes hidden on clothes. For germs that cannot be seen, simple cleaning and drying will not be effective in sterilization and disinfection.

In terms of sterilization of clothes, the TH100-H36WT heat pump dryer launched by Little Swan, which has been focusing on washing and protecting for 42 years, is equipped with the unique ultraviolet sterilization function of the industry. The sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%, which can effectively kill the germ residues on the clothes. , And no harm to the human body. The clothes, shoes, hats, gloves, school bags, etc. worn when going out can be thoroughly sterilized, allowing people to travel between work and home with peace of mind.

Finally, consumers need to be reminded that although ultraviolet rays can kill viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms in the external environment, once these viruses enter the human body, ultraviolet rays have no effect on them, so do not directly accept ultraviolet rays. These practices are both ineffective and dangerous. Instead, they should seek medical attention in time.