How to find the best wholesalers and suppliers of hospital bed medical beds in China

Under the influence of the epidemic, hospital medical beds have become a hot commodity. Although developed countries have good medical standards and they have a complete industrial chain to achieve self-sufficiency in medical equipment, the number of patients in hospitals has increased sharply under the influence of the epidemic, such as in Europe and the United States. National hospitals are also overloaded with work, which can be said to be “difficult to find a bed.” Developing countries are unable to achieve a complete industrial chain due to resources and technological levels. They are very dependent on imports for certain medical equipment, and there is also a shortage of medical resources. There is no doubt that if you now have a stable medical system in China Cooperative supplier of beds, you will usher in a very good opportunity for wealth.
According to data surveys, in the first half of 2021, China’s exports of medical equipment reached US$10,994,972, an increase of 5.8% over the previous year. The reason for such a large increase is because of the complete domestic industrial chain, low prices and normal operating conditions.
Among the medical equipment purchased, the number of medical beds is large, because the demand for hospital beds is increasing due to the increasing number of patients, while medical beds in developed countries are expensive. With the same quality, medical beds in China are cheap and good, not only that, Chinese suppliers can accept a large number of orders, of course, they will not reject small orders. At present, it provides medical services all over the world, which are not only of reliable quality, but also cost-effective. Whether it is a hospital or a private clinic, if you need medical beds, don’t miss the best wholesalers and suppliers of medical beds in China.

If you are ready to purchase hospital medical beds in the near future or in the future, you must not miss this content; because there are huge business opportunities hidden here. Nowadays, medical resources are in short supply and the profits are extremely high. This article will tell you that China’s most With the contact information of the wholesaler and supplier of Jiade Medical Bed, with this information, you will purchase high-quality and inexpensive high-quality medical resources.

Why is it said that Chinese hospital medical beds are good and cheap?

1- Complete industrial system

Many countries have incomplete industrial systems. In the structure of medical beds, technologically advanced countries will be responsible for the controllers, wire linkages, and other technically complex equipment, and hand over simple technologies such as bed boards, universal wheels, and steel frames to development. China and even backward countries are responsible.
In such an industrial system, once an order from a participating country cannot be delivered on time, medical beds cannot be assembled and delivered on time. China has a complete industrial system. Even if a factory fails to deliver on time, there will be other factories to replace it.
China has abundant iron ore resources and a light textile industry, which can independently manufacture medical beds. A complete industrial system is less risky than the outside world. As long as the country is operating normally, medical bed orders can be delivered on time.

2-Meet multi-functional needs

Medical beds in China are not simply bedded with a bracket, and there will be specific customized services in the face of different requirements. There are humanized high-end medical beds, as well as simple and inexpensive medical beds. If you want to lie comfortably, you can choose a multi-functional medical bed. Hospitals with poor economic capacity can also choose a simple medical bed.
Although simple medical beds have fewer functions than high-end medical beds, they can also meet the normal needs of hospitals, especially in developing countries and poor countries that are particularly suitable for purchasing medical beds.

3- Low manufacturing cost

Because of China’s unique resources and geographical location, coupled with increasingly mature technology, the original high technology fee has been reduced, and the high price of medical beds has also become very low, making it available to many developing countries. Therefore, the reason why China’s medical beds are high-quality and cheap is that China has a complete industrial chain and low-cost medical beds.

4- Sound after-sales service

China’s medical suppliers not only achieve high quality and low price but also complete after-sales service. Regardless of whether it is an expensive medical bed or a simple medical bed, as long as it is available for free during the warranty period, there is no need to worry about the slow service speed. A large amount of data shows that the domestic after-sales service is not consumed and the speed is still very fast.


How can I find a supplier or wholesaler of hospital medical beds?


1-Recommended by people in the circle

Some hospital buyers know people in the circle, and they will purchase medical beds through the channels of the people in the circle. Although it is very convenient to purchase medical beds in this way, there is no need to screen, but this kind of procurement method is relatively simple, and the insiders give The prices of suppliers are relatively expensive, and there are few comparisons, so there are only a few suppliers that can be selected.
However, not all people know the people in the circle. Most purchasers start with Google queries when choosing medical beds.

2- Google Find

I don’t have any contacts but I want to purchase medical beds. Under normal circumstances, people will search for companies related to medical beds on Google, compare these companies, and find cost-effective companies for cooperation. However, companies on Google are mixed. Some companies use low quotations to attract demanders and then give high unit prices when communicating or investigating.
Although this method can find suppliers, it is not efficient. Buyers are required to verify whether their information is true or not. For buyers who urgently need medical beds, bypass Google and purchase them directly on the e-commerce platform.

3- E-commerce platform selection

When buyers don’t have time to check the supplier’s information, they will directly choose the e-commerce platform, because the price on the e-commerce platform is the purchase price, and the price of a medical bed can be understood on the e-commerce platform.
Although this method is simple and straightforward, it may be expensive. Because there are many merchants selling medical beds on the e-commerce platform, some merchants are agents rather than manufacturers or wholesalers, and their pricing is higher than the manufacturer’s price. If you buy medical beds on the e-commerce platform, you must identify the manufacturer. That’s all right.

4-Medical bed supplier directory understanding

The above three methods of searching all need to identify the suppliers themselves, and some people are very anxious in need of medical beds, but they want to buy cost-effective medical beds, how will they choose? They will prefer to find us, we have a complete supplier of medical beds.
The medical bed suppliers we provide are all approved by us. When selecting these suppliers, we will go through quality screening, word-of-mouth screening, price screening, etc., and we will push the supplier after all the screenings are qualified.
Choose our supplier catalog, you will be very trouble-free, at least here you can see their real quotations, manufacturers’ reputation, and real quality evaluation.

How to find a good supplier or wholesaler of medical beds, please follow the steps below to find

1- Understand the manufacturer’s information

There are many small partners who heard that we no longer know the information of the manufacturer after we have conducted a survey on the supplier. This is a wrong approach. No matter when the buyer should have a certain understanding of the manufacturer. If you don’t know the manufacturer I can’t get started with my own work. At the same time, we provide a catalog service, not an intermediary to reach a cooperation intention. Generally, we recommend inspecting the supplier’s operation and processing conditions on the spot, and we can better know what kind of medical vehicle we want after on-site inspections. supplier.
You need to pay attention to several points to understand the information of the manufacturer. First, you must understand their contact number. You can contact them if you encounter any problems during the cooperation process. Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the information is true or not. Some manufacturer information is somewhere, but the actual processing place is somewhere else. The third point is that you should consult clearly about any controversial information, and remember what you think for granted.

2- Choose the right manufacturer

There are many interested partners, but there is only one medical partner, so after understanding the manufacturer’s information, you can start to think about which manufacturer is more suitable for you, which medical vehicle is cheaper, and so on. The selected indicators are often related to the quality and price of the medical vehicle and the follow-up service of the medical vehicle. These factors are combined to consider which medical supplier is better to choose.

3- Test the quality of the medical vehicle

After choosing a good manufacturer, the quality of the medical vehicle must be tested. Only after testing the medical vehicle can I know its quality. The method of testing the medical vehicle is very simple, mainly to see its stability and mobility. Because the medical vehicle needs to move frequently during use, its universal wheel mobility detection is very important, and the stability mainly depends on whether it will fall apart during the movement, how much weight can it bear, and whether the various connectors are between There is a security problem.

4- Supplier’s guarantee service

Because international transactions involve customs, taxation, and transportation issues, and medical vehicles are construction items, there will inevitably be transportation fees. When communicating with the medical vehicle manufacturers for follow-up services, they need to mention the costs in this respect. These costs should be paid separately. half.

We provide different hospital medical bed suppliers for different purchasers, namely:

1-Functional Medical Bed Supplier

This type of supplier focuses on high-end medical beds. Their medical beds not only meet the daily needs of hospitalization but also improve the patient’s experience. There are several types of rocker medical beds in the functional medical bed, which can realize the lifting of a certain part of the patient’s body. For example, patients who are uncomfortable lying down but have inconvenient movement of their legs can use the rocker function to “sit up”.

2-Simple medical bed supplier

The export target of simple medical beds covers a wide range of fields, and the main products are cost-effective and poor economically, but buyers who need medical beds can choose this type of supplier. Although there are not many functions, it can also meet its own needs.

3-Customized medical bed supplier

Some hospitals will customize special medical beds to match their treatment. When choosing a supplier, the customized medical bed supplier will be their partner and communicate their needs with these suppliers, and they can tailor the special Medical bed.

Having said that, if you still don’t know how to choose a supplier of medical beds, you may wish to find us. We can provide a catalog of professional medical bed suppliers and wholesalers. This catalog is very professional and belongs to internal information. It contains Chinese medical beds. With detailed information about suppliers and wholesalers, you can use these exercises to find the best medical bed suppliers and wholesalers in China, and select the partners that suit your needs.