Stainless steel stretcher trolley Hospital ambulance rescue bed Gastroscopy table emergency stretcher for hospital

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Stainless steel stretcher trolley  Hospital ambulance rescue bed Gastroscopy table emergency  stretcher for hospital


Product composition: This product is composed of a bed body, a screw rod, a backrest adapter mechanism, a foot brake and a guide mechanism. Through the shaking of the screw rod, the bed body can be raised or lowered, and the semi-recumbent function can be selected through hydraulic assistance. , Braking and resolving can be achieved by pedal brakes; the product is equipped with mattresses and salt water racks

Product Features:
1. The folding angle of the backrest part of the bed surface: 0-60″ ±5*
2. The height adjustment range of the car body: 520-810mm+10mm
3. Bed size: 1920*640/720mm±10mm
4. The bed body is equipped with an oxygen cylinder frame and a lock switch;
5 The rescue vehicle adopts the international advanced central control brake system, which is stable and reliable. Optional configuration: four small guardrails, two large guardrail electric systems